Features, Children's programmes, Interviews, Documentaries, Series, Profile Interviews, Serials, Travel Programmes, Drama's, Sermons, Religious Messages, Music Programmes, Discussion Programmes, Magazine Programmes, etc. Advertisements

Planning of Radio advertisements, Script Writing, Voice artists for radio advertisements, recording, editing and final production of radio advertisements.

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African-English Ad

Live Broadcasts

Breakfast Shows, Top 20 music programmes, Debate programmes, Situational Broadcasts, Phone-in Programmes, etc. Studio

Soundproof studio fully equipted for recording and radio broadcasts, Studio equipted for Outside Broadcasts and recordings, Technical assistance, Latests Editing facilities, Telephone Unit..


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Training of Radio Staff in aspects such as: Voice Training, Script Writing, Programme Scheduling, Compilation and Reading of News, Interviewing, Children's Programmes, Magazine Programmes, Documentaries, Features, Discussion Programmes, Series, Sermons, short messages, etc.

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Training accredited at the University of Pretoria.


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